Tuesday, October 4, 2011

National Taco Day - October 4, 2011

This year is the first time that we are pawticipating in the 2nd Annual National Taco Day hosted by Jazzi. This will not only be our first time of pawticipating but our first time to ever get Tacos.  Can you believe that our Mom had no idea that Tacos were good for us furends as well.

Well we found out Monday after Mom got off work, just what eating Tacos was all about and man oh man, we have been missing some really good food ables from these places the humans call Fast Food.  When Mom left work she headed over to Taco John's and ordered up two hard shell tacos with meat and cheese.  Heck they were so amused that she was purchasing them for 2 basset hounds to take pictures of for National Taco Day they included some free tater tots that Mom loves so she was really excited.

This is a picture of the bag with our Tacos in it

Picture of one of tacos that we were ready to taste

Winston trying to enjoy his first bite of Taco.  Amiee came right over and snatched it.  I do believe she may have had a taco or two in her previous life

Oh, what is this tasty stuff

Winston taking it slow and enjoying it.  He actually took all the meat and cheese out and then ate the taco shell

Amiee enjoying what she took from Winston

Okay, enough assistance let me go enjoy this in peace

Amiee would hardly look at the camera while she woofed it down

Winston took his to enjoy on the dog bed

Winston finished his and went outside, not sure if he needed to relief himself after eating that or what.  But he had no idea that Mom had another one of these so called "Tacos" in that sack.  So here a few shots of me eating it.  Of course, they are semi-action so blurry.

Oh, so good.....Me LOVE Tacos

Winston:  What the heck, I missed the second Taco

Amiee:  And I am not sharing
Oh, Jazzi we are so glad that you hosted this day and allowed us the privilege to know what Tacos was all about.  We will remember this day for a long time and look forward to having them again real soon.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs


  1. Everydoggie is getting tacos except ME! Bah!


  2. Crunch, crunch, crunch, these tacos are the absolute best! Every day should be taco day!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. Oh I am so enjoying reading about everyone's tacos. And I thought that I was the only dog in the world who did not know what a taco was until now. (Admittedly, if you read my MacTaco post, you might think that I haven't yet quite got the hang of the concept....)
    Toodle pip!

  4. Looks like you are enjoying Taco Day! It is a great day!

  5. Maybee's we should have Jazzi declare a WEEKLY TACO DAY for all us HOUNDS!!!

  6. I am so glad the you had them and enjoyed them so much!!


  7. Yum Yum Tacos! We don't get ours until next week. Mommy and daddy have been really busy lately :-(

  8. Man, I'm so jealous that you guys got to eat all of your tacos! They look great.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  9. Oh, no! I missed Taco Day last year and I missed it AGAIN this year! Hmph! You all suuuuuure did look like you were luvin' those tacos. You were making me all drooly. I don't think I ever had a whole taco. Just a teensy little bite of the meat - which is DEE-lish! I might have to have mom get me my very own whole taco real soon.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. BOL! I'm glad you really enjoyed them Aimee! You look like a shark coming in for the kill in that first picture, and we can't stop giggling!


  11. Those look like some tasty tacos! And, um, memo to Winston - NEVER leave the room until you know for certain ALL the tacos are gone :)

    The Road Dogs

  12. Oh wow!

    Looks like you loved those tacos! :D


  13. I am sooo hungry, looking at your tacos!!
    me never had them before but methinks me'd like some!


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