Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A message to Cleo and Thank You's

It’s Momma………
It is so hard to believe that it has been one week since we helped you with your journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  Winston is having a pretty hard time with you being gone.  He looks for in all your little hiding places, he keeps wondering why I leave and you don’t come back with me.  He cuddles with your blanket every night so he can smell you.  He sits in the back yard and stares off to space and looks at us with such sad eyes, like he is saying “WTF have you done to my life”.  I tell him how sorry I am that you have left us, but you must have been needed really bad at the RB for your life to be taken so sudden from ours.   Amiee is being strong but she has a hard time in the mornings as you are no longer there for her to bark in your face, to make sure you get up and get things rolling for them in the mornings.  Amiee is much more vocal and really speaks her mind a lot more.  Neither one will eat right know, I just hope it is their way of dealing with you being gone and that will soon change.
The house is a very different quite with you not here.  What I would give to hear that annoying bark you use to have.  It use to drive me crazy but I miss it so much know.  Cleo we want you to know how much joy you brought to our house and so glad you were able to show us the true meaning of "LOVE A RESCUE".  You presented some challenges for us when we first brought you home that day in February 2006.  You were 18 months old and had a death sentence at the shelter due to your aggression.  What the heck, a basset with aggression NO WAY.........OH YEAH, but you soon learned how to appreciate the finer things in live and learned to LOVE right back.

I would have never imagined that within 15 months we would be from 4 fur-kids to 2 fur-kids.  When we lost Tabby a year ago in June, I never thought you of all my hounds would be next to get sick and sick you were.  You had some tummy issues that we were working on then the Auto Immune Disease and then finally that horrible diagnoses on September 1st that rocked our world to its inner core.  They said you had the C-Monster and it was so far advanced that we had limited time with you.  WTF are they talking about?  You were just outside in the back yard in the 100 degree days walking the yard looking for snakes, running and playing with Winston, going for walks and golf cart rides.  This could not be possible, not my Cleo.

I pray that we gave you the best 5 years of your life while we had you, it was 5 more years that you would not have had if our first basset Precious - ATB did not lead me to start volunteering for our Humane Society.  I pray that I was able to make your last days as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.  I pray that one day I will see the sign that you are okay and having lots of belly rubs, treats and wonderful sunshine to run free in everyday.  I pray that you have found Tabby, Precious, Elliot and all the other wonderful fur-babies that were taken from us to soon.  I would pray for you to come back to me, but I just know that is not possible. 

Oh and Cleo, you would not believe the support that I have received from our dear blogville friends.  Mango/Dexter but a very nice post about you crossing the bridge.  You even have some great Cat blogging buddies as well, as CB but up a very nice post as well.   And then our dear friends over at SAS created this beautiful memorial picture for you.

 I have been overwhelmed with the sweetest comments and have yet to respond to everyone, but I have read each one over and over.  I just can't get over the support from our blogville friends that have never even met us in person, but just from reading our silly stories.   It brings us comfort to know that you were so loved by so many and will be missed by so many.  You have lots of fur-ends at the RB so just remember to play nice and mind your manners.

Cleo, please know how much you touched our lives and how very much we miss you each and every day.   Until we meet again, we will love you to the moon and back and treasure our memories of you for a lifetime.

Until we meet again, my Sweet Cleo.

Love, Momma


  1. Dear Cleo -

    Once again, your mom shows HOW FURRY FURRY MUCH she loves woo - and WILL always love woo!

    Letting woo go hurt her so much but she knew it was time - she listened to what woo said without saying it -

    I do hope woo've let her know woo've arrived and are settling in at The RB -

    Happy Snoofs and Stuffs -


  2. This is bringing tears to my eyes. Hope you and your family are having a better week and that you know we're thinking of you here!

  3. Sending big hugs your way today. I had just become a follower when Cleo got sick and it helped me cope because our sweet old dog is ill too-but reading this gripped my heart with sadness. There is never any ease to the heartache when a beloved pup crosses over but lots of us are sending you love and thoughts to ease this pain. What joy your Cleo brought to so many, and what love you all shared; her life was so much better because of you.
    Noreen & Reggie-dog

  4. Once again we cannot log on but we wanted you to know you have us all in tears over here!
    Cleo was a much loved basset and will be so missed.
    Such a lovely tribute to your beautiful girl.
    Much love
    Martha, Bailey and the Human Slave xxxxx

  5. Oh my, that brought tears. Cleo was so, so lucky to be loved by you - and you by her.

    Now I am going to go hug my naughty Winston and sweet Molly.

  6. ok im crying. What a wonderful letter and such precious memories Sherri. My heart still aches.
    Tabby will watch over her.

  7. Oh gosh, we've been busy & we didn't know. My momma is crying real tears at your beautiful letter, knowing how much your heart must be hurting. Blessings to you all.

    Oskar & Pam

  8. I'm crying as much reading your beautiful tribute as I did when I read about Cleo passing away. She was such a special girl, and she left an amazing legacy! I know a lot of dogs have benefited from the love Cleo shared with you and inspired you to be so active in rescue. Our canine companions are never here with us long enough, but they make us better people no matter how long they're with us!

  9. This is such a beautiful post. I had to grab a box of tissue, but so what.

    I hope you don't mind, but I would like to take a picture from Cleo's blog and post it on our blog for the upcoming "Livestrong" event on October 2 as a way to always remember Cleo. I will also have five of my past dogs who have been taken too soon by the "C" monster featured on that post.

    Amber's Mom

  10. Great post. Makes us miss Cleo so much. That C monster is such a meanie.

    The CheeseHounds

    PS We gave you an award. Stop by our bloggie and check it out.

  11. What a beautiful message to Cleo and I am sure she hears you. She was such a special girl and I know she will always be with you.
    Sending BIG Newfie hugs your way:)

  12. This is so beautiful. Cleo is watching over you and always will!

    Your pal, Pip

  13. I started crying at "It's Momma..." and haven't stopped yet. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you can take comfort in knowing you gave your beautiful girl a wonderful life. Wishing you peace....

    Trundling off to hug my Bella now...

  14. Oh Cleo Momma! That made me so happy sad to read. My heart swells to know how much you loved Miss Cleo and how much you miss her. Poor Winston. I know how he feels. I was so sad when my beautiful Raja left me. I wish I could say it gets easier, but I still miss her every day. Miss Cleo was a special gal and you were all lucky to be together even for a short time.



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