Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cleo Update - 9/6/2011

First off, I would like to say “THANKS” to everyone for all the nice comments on our post for Power Of The Paw for Cleo.  I am sorry that I was not in a position to give more details that day, but as you read through our update you will find out that we were pretty devastated with the news that we were dealt last Thursday (9/1/2011).  Please bear with me while you read through my post, it was hard to right and sometimes I seemed all over the place but I tried to give you a picture of what happened since her last chiropractor appt and how we got to where we are today.
The week of August 24, Cleo had another Chiropractor appointment and also received Acupuncture as well.  She had held her adjustment from the previous time pretty well but had slipped out alignment in a few places.  She was adjusted then Dr. A thought maybe Acupuncture in the right areas might stimulate her Immune system.  Cleo does so well and just seems to melt in Dr. A.’s arms.  She pretty much rested during the acupuncture treatment.  Here are few pictures that I could snap before the batteries went dead.

You can see the little needles sticking out of her
The little machine that super charged her
Cleo had to lay still for 15 minutes while this treatment was taking place
Cleo held her own, began to eat like a horse (normal for them steroids), happy girl even was getting out for a few short walks on the cooler evenings.  All until Wednesday evening, when she decided to stop eating all together.  I had just gone to the vets on Tuesday and picked up a whole new case of I/D soft dog food for her, told the vet how she was a munch hound and seemed to be doing well. 

I did notice on Sunday/Monday evening when she would lay flat out you could begin to see her belly bulge; well this didn’t appear normal to me since she has lost so much weight.  Also on her left side there appeared to be a very distinct knot and when I would touch it Cleo would get up, like it hurt. As you can see in the pictures below what I am talking about, with the amount of weight Cleo has lost (12 pounds) we had not been seeing the "pot belly" effect until just late last week.

I really could not feel anything in her tummy, but that was just not right looking to me.  She had an appoint already scheduled for Thursday afternoon for blood draws so I thought we will just make sure that Dr. T checks it out.  Wednesday evening she said NO to food, meds, cheese, treats.  I did have some chicken in the freezer so I cooked that up and boiled that for and she did eat that, of course.  Well I went ahead and called Dr. T Wednesday before he closed and informed him I was bringing Cleo in first thing and not waiting till the afternoon.  I told him she wasn’t eating and something just isn’t right. 
Cleo got some very extensive testing done Thursday morning, blood draws, x-rays of her tummy, back, chest, pretty much her entire body was x-rayed Thursday (9/1).  Unfortunately, all these test have finally found the under laying problem to why she has developed the Auto Immune Deficiency.
Our family received the shock of our life Thursday (9/1) and our world was rocked to the core.  Cleo has been diagnosed with a very fast growing CANCER (Metastatic Hemangiosarcoma) that has been found in her Spleen, Liver, Spine and Lungs.  This form of cancer is usually so far advanced before it is detected, that there is little hope for any options after it is found.  We were told on Thursday that we may have 4-6 months left with her IF we removed her Spleen and started Chemo.    We have decided that that is not something we want to put Cleo through just for a few extra months with her.  We feel that her quality of life is more important to us right know then putting her through a surgery and drugs that would make her feel horrible for the remaining time we have with her.  We will have good days and bad days, but will enjoy every one of them to their fullest and we will know in our hearts when the time has come to let Cleo rest.  But for the time being we take it day-by-day and thank God for everyday that we can continue to enjoy her.
We at the The HoundDogs household, appreciate all our thoughts and prayers and continue to send us the Power of the Paw because we sure could use it about know.

HoundDogMom, HoundDogDad, Cleo, Winston and Amiee


  1. Thanks for sharing the news - albeit sad -

    I know you'll give Cleo some great days -

    And you'll listen to her when she says it's time -

    Please know there are lots of us sending hugz of support from all over the world!

    Khyra and Phyll

  2. I am very sorry that Cleo has received this diagnosis. We will pray that you have many good days with her left.

  3. We are sending our strongest tender thoughts for Cleo - and for her PAWrents during this most stressful time. We know what it feels like to get a miserable diagnosis. You wonder if you should put on your armor and do battle or if you should just hunker down and wait for the storm. It is easy to see that Cleo is in good hands and that she is deeply loved. So very, very sorry that she is now facing the completion of her Circle of Life.

  4. Oh, dear, that news would be a shock! Sending hugs from Georgia.

  5. Deew HoundDogMom, HoundDogDad, Cleo, Winston and Amiee,
    This must have been a vewy hawd post to wite and i can only imagine youw shock and sadness weceiving such devestating news about sweet and wondewful cleo.
    I know you love hew wif all youw heawt and that evewy moment she has left wif you hewe will continoo to be filled wif tendew love and some happy times..she will wemembew that and I know that she will be gwateful to not go thwoogh hospitals and suwgewies and othew fwienghtening things..she will be wif you and feel the love .
    We awe sad, but know Cleo has the best life pawsibull and fow that we awe so happy
    take ouw love and stweangth to help you thwoo this vewy hawd time
    smoochie tendew kisses

  6. Oh what awful news for you all to receive. We sincerely hope Cleo can have many good days with you for as long as possible.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  7. Dear Hound Dog family:

    We are bringing power of the paw and terrier vibes for Cleo and for all of you at this hard time. We heard from Miss Asta and Miss Khyra that you can use extra of both, so we are here to deliver. While your post was hard to write, and hard for us to read, we can tell that you are keeping Cleo first in the decision process, and we love you for that.

    Gussie n' Teka Toy

  8. We are so very sad to hear about Cleo. Cancer is pure evil. Enjoy your time with her - our paws are crossed for many good days together.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. We were hoping for good news, and we're soooo soooo sorry for the bad news. But we know that the time you have left with your peoples will be filled with some tears, will also be filled with fun, laughter, love and lasting memories. Love and licks.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear your news.

  11. So terribly sorry to hear this sad news. Cleo is lucky to have a family that puts her first and I know it is hard for you all, but you're doing what is best for Cleo. I'll pray for you during this difficult time.

    Painter Pack

  12. We just read about this very sad diagnosis. We are sending our love and prayers to Cleo and your family.
    We know what devastation this is. Their are no wrong decisions in such matters, only what in your heart knows to be the best for Cleo.
    God Bless your family and especially Cleo.

    Sheila & Bob
    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  13. Miss Cleo! Your poor old body has turned against you and is making you so very sick. I know that your family loves you and will not let you suffer. Be strong and let them know when you have had enough. My relentlessly huge thoughts are with you.


  14. I lost a wonderful Beagle to the very same cancer, though I didn't know she had it till the necropsy. Bless you and Cleo in the time she has left; I know you will make it special.

  15. I am very, very sorry that you didn't receive better news. It's always a reminder to enjoy each day we have with our hounds (and cats, people, etc.).

    Cleo sweetie, you are a good little girl for enduring all the tests. I wish you good times with your family and lots of treats and scratches. They love you so much!

    Still sending all the good healthy vibes and drool we can muster around here.

    Molly, Winston, and their Momma

  16. We send White Dog energy so that Cleo can enjoy her days fully, without pain, and with dignity. We send comfort and understanding as you all adjust your lives and deal with this horrible shock. Know that we will Walk on September 25th at the Canine Cancer Walk with Cleo in our hearts and hopes that someday no family will ever have to face what you do now. Peace to you all.

  17. We had to deal with this very same diagnosis and very same cancer for our Doxie, Tiffany back in 2002-2003. Hopefully one day a cure will be found for all forms of cancer. Having been exactly where you are, I know your pain. Live each day to the fullest with Cleo and she will tell you when she's ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

    Amber and Mom

  18. Oh we are so terribly sorry for this terrible diagnosis. I hope the good days out weigh the bad and the many more precious memeories are made before the end is near.

    Nubbin wiggles & hugs,
    Oskar & Pam

  19. We tweeted Cleo's story and put it on Facebook so lots of pups can pray for lots more days.

  20. My name is Tweedles. I am a friend of Scout and Freyja.
    I came to circle you with love, as I know your heart is so sad- with the news of Cleo.
    Cancer is so bad,, and I just wish it would go away.
    I am so sorry this terrible news has come

  21. We read about Cleo and you her loving family when we were visiting Scout & Freya. Such terrible news to receive. Bless you all and for having the strength to not put her through more than she has already had just to extend her life a short time. A very hard decision. We are keeping paws crossed for you all!
    Love and good thoughts

  22. My thoughts will be with you, your family, and Cleo through this!!

    Big hugs from me and the Girls!

  23. My heart is breaking for you and Cleo. I am so sorry to read about this and sen all the positive vibes that I can! I will keep Cleo in our thoughts and prayers.

  24. I am so sorry you got this news! It wasn't what I'd expected to hear at all, since she seemed to be getting better. If it helps any, I would do the same thing you've decided to do. I am all about quality of life, and I know how you love all three of the Hound Dogs and that you'd do whatever you could for them. Sometimes, there just isn't anything you can do for them besides make sure that they live the best life that they can. Cleo is so lucky to have you! We're thinking of you guys and sending our prayers to you and sweet Cleo. If there's something we can do to help, we're not too far away and we'd glad do whatever we could to make life easier for you!

  25. We are so sorry to hear about this . We had the same diagnosis last October and know how wrenching it can be . We too decided against surgery . The side effects of the medication were something we weren't prepared for. However , eleven months on and we're still hanging in there with an excellent quality of life . Stay strong . Our thoughts are with you.

  26. We have been in your shoes and know how devastating the news is. I see we are posting after Angus and we have enjoyed following the story of Wilf who supposedly had such a short time and is still gracing us with daily stories.

    Know that the Herd has lots and lots of paws crossed and Sibe Vibes coming your way for comfort and fun in these days, no matter how long the time. We will be thinking of you.

  27. This breaks my heart. I'll be praying for Cleo and your whole family. I know it must be a very difficult time.

  28. Ms. Cleo-I am deeply saddened by this news! Hannah and I will send healing drool to you and the rest of the hound family. I know this is hard on everyone. Wish you all many memories in the near future!

  29. We have Cleo in our thoughts & prayers.
    God Bless you all.

    Mona, Weenie & the Mommy

  30. We are sending much love and sympathy to you and Cleo. We know exactly what you are going through right now, having been down this road too many times. Be strong and love every moment.



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