Monday, August 8, 2011

No Rain and Hot

We believe this has been one of the hottest summers for sometime.  There were days that it was 100 with a heat index of 112-115, you could fry an egg out there.  Although I have never done that, but this year it was a serious thought but you couldn't stand to be out there long enough to watch it fry.  We also have been without rain (that amounts to anything) for weeks.  We water the garden but it does not to have helped the green beens, the continue struggle this summer.  I was lucky and got 15 quarts done early on, but then they just seemed to stop.  They appear to be picking up again as I have been watering everyday.  Tomatoes are beginning to rippen so it won't belong before we begin to make juice to can.

We do know that it is not just us here in Bloomington, IL that is feeling the heat and lack of rain.  It is all across the country and everyone feels it, especially the people in Texas.  I have to admit, that State could use some what of a serious rain strom.  Having family in Texas and then following my blog friends who live in Texas I know it is bad there.  We only pray that when it does rain, it comes a steady flow not a down pour, and not in any kinda of a major storm for them.  We could use a steady flow as well for about 2 days straight and it wouldn't upset me.

Here are some random photos that I have taken during the heat and lack of rain.

This was the guage on my car when I got off work one day.

These are the cracks in our back yard from lack of rain.

Do you love our Green Grass

We drive around in the BUV with the air on to keep cool.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs


  1. Deeew Fwiends
    I'm so sowwy about youw heat and lack of wain
    We've had the heat and homidity, but wain as well
    I will do a special wain dance fow you so youw poow eawf and veggies and flowews can get a deep dwink
    Stay cool if you can my sweeties
    smoochie kisses

  2. I know yall are dying too! Our water bill to keep our grass semi green is as much as a montly car payment!! :)

  3. Keep cool out there! Try not to look down at that odometer/thermometer too much!

  4. I wish we could send you some rain. We get some almost every afternoon but not enough and not long enough to really make a difference. But at least it isn't in the triple digits here because of being located between the Gulf and the ocean. We get a nice breeze.

  5. We have had too much rain - wish I could send it down to you guys!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. We got so excited when it started raining here tonight, but it only lasted for about twenty minutes. At least we got a rainbow out of it! I hear we're in for a break from the heat at least later in the week.

  7. We have had a few days of rain here, and the temps are suppose to get a bit cooler this week, wish we could send you some too:)


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