Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cleo's Snake Hunt

I am not sure if we have mentioned before that for some reason our back yard has become a haven for garter snakes this year.  Well Cleo, has found this new creature to be very entertaining for her.  She will walk for hours on end the parimeter of the yard.  Back and Forth, Back and Forth over and over....We have had to actually shut the big door to not allow her out the doggie door during the day.  She doesn't seem to have a clue that she could get overheated while doing this.  The last few weeks in our area the temps have been in upper 90's (98) to be exact the other day.

All though she has come very close to capturing one of these sleathering creatures she had not accomplished it like Amiee has.  She was beyond excitement when she came out the backdoor last night and there on the sidewalk all coiled up was this critter.  I on the other hand am not beyond excitement with this new found toy.  See Cleo likes to bring things in the house and a "SNAKE" is not my type of house toy.  But with Cleo's previous aggression issues, you just don't take things away from her when she is fixated on them.

Here is Cleo with her big catch for the day.

Mine all mine

This is a huge garter snake in my book

Come here little critter, lets be friends

You absolutely, positively cannot have my snake

The "Guard" is on

Oh, lets move him over here

Let me check to see if he is still moving

I think he maybe sleeping

Oh, No you don't try to escape me

I think my mission was accomplished

Here is a short video I tried to capture of her.  She was drooling and so fixed on this poor critter.

Sniffs, Cleo


  1. Umm Cleo why are you chasing snakes????? This does not seem like the best idea to us, especially if your humans are snake-y snake fans.

    The CheeseHounds

    P.S. Please resend us your address! We seem to miss placed it, we'll blame the momma!

  2. Cleo!
    You found an interesting "toy"!
    Is that snake still alive??
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Nice work, Cleo! I hear those snakes are slippery ones! You better keep your eye on him.

    Your pal, PIp

  4. I think I'll just stick with worms, ok?


  5. We almost never see snakes here and subsequently, they kind of freak out all of us. Maybe they are tasty, but not for me. I almost couldn't even look at your photos.



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