Friday, January 7, 2011

Questions Answered from Wordless Wednesday Picture

Our Wordless Wednesday picture created lots of questions on or comments yesterday.  So we are going to attempt to answer your questions and explain our Wordless Wednesday photo a little more.

Helen said - What a great picture! Did you guys plan it or just happen to catch them that way?
Well, if you know my hounds there is absolutely no way you plan for a picture like that.  I just happen to look out the back window and seen them sitting like that.  Hoping they would stay like that till I could fetch the camera.  I did know that if I opened the back door that would set them off, so I actually took the picture from inside looking through the window of the back door.  I was pretty amazed how well it turned out and did not have a lot of glare on it.

Everyone said - What the heck are they looking at over there.
Well with all the rain that we had on New Year's Eve Day the empty lot next to us became a swimming pool.  But then the next few days it got cold again and the swimming pool froze.  Well this provided some great entertainment for the feral cats that we have.  So, I cannot be 100% positive but I do believe the cats were ice skating on the ice which grabbed their attention. 

The Cheesehounds and BZ Training - Wanted to know how I got them up there on that picnic table.
Do not let those short little legs fool you.  As you notice only the girls (Cleo, Amiee) are on the picnic table.  They just jump right up there like little jack rabbits.  Being short legged this really puts them up in the world and they can see everything.  The picnic table was our bloodhound "Tabby's" favorite place to spend her days, it allowed her to escape the new additions and their ankle bitting ways.  Unfortunately, Winston has not mastered this task yet, that is why he is sitting in the grass.

Here are a few more shots that we took, this just shows you that Winston just cannot figure out how those girls get up there.  Winston is the most energetic basset hound we have had.  He jumps, leaps, climbs on about everything in the house.  He can fly leap off the couch going about 5 feet, he walks on his back legs and clears a counter in seconds.  But he cannot for the life of him figure out how to climb up to the picnic table.  I didn't catch it but he actually tries to reach his back leg up on the seat portion, but he has not figured out how to actually get up there and sit.

See Amiee looking at him like, come on Buddy you can do it.  You hike your leg on everything else why can't you hike it up here.

He walks the entire length of the picnic bench on his back legs

It is amazing the different personalities and traits that he one has, silly hounds is all I can say.

The HoundDogs (Cleo, Winston, Amiee)


  1. I love Winston on his back legs! Our girl, Dru, is the only one that goes on the picnic table also. She has longer legs than your trio but not much and she jumps right up, sometimes without the benefit of a bench!

  2. Ice skating cats?! Hold on, I'm heading over there right now! Hot diggity, that must be better than the Ice Capades!


  3. Hello Cleo, Winston and Aimee,

    Thank you for the Christmas card, we got it!


  4. Ice skating khats!?!

    I'm SO there!

    As fur Winston...BOYS!


  5. Hi! We just started our own blog recently, and we're going around trying to meet other bloggy pets. We like the pictures of all the dogs on the picnic table! Trixie sometimes stands on the picnic table when the ground is wet!

  6. I want to leave you a special invitation to Mango Minster. One of the things I like about the show is the chance for some of my newer pals to get some face time and show off their stuff. If you are interested, see my blog today for entry information.


  7. I think your girls pretty much have brother avoidance figured out! What a cute picture!


  8. Poor Winston just can't figure it out! Love the picture!!!

  9. Winston, your not alone I can't do it either.
    -- Brutus


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