Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mango Minster 2011 - "Cracker" Dogs


Last year we watched from an internet connection while the Mango Minster 2010 was held.  We lurked, behind the connection because we were just too afraid to enter.  This year since the Mango stopped by our comments section and left of some words of encouragement we have decided to take the plunge this year and enter.
There are some great catagories and our human has had quite the time trying to decide which one we fit into.  Since we could only enter 2 per household, but groups were okay.  Our human thought it would be best if we went for a group entry, she is so darn worried about one getting more attention than the other.  She also wasn’t sure because we didn’t quite fit into a category where we could answer all the questions.  But there was one category that she felt that the three of us together would qualify for……..
We hate to admit it because really feel we are either the Shamless Divas or the Good Ol Boy.  But NO she must enter us into the Cracker Dogs category.

The HoundDogs AKA "Cracker" Dogs

Are you a terrier basset hound (this alone qualifies you). Now before all you "mild mannered" terriers basset hound wax indignant, I remind you that we are HUGE terrier & basset hound fans here at the estate. But I know that there is cracker dog inside you all (yes, even a certain ladylike NYC dwelling gal of whom I have seen actual video footage all running cracker dog in the snow).  This is not us but we sure do have one that qualifies us.

Nope I am not a terrier, but I feel I is a "Cracker" dog.  Here are our qualifications.

The HoundDogs AKA "Cracker" Dogs


Do you run zoomies for no apparent reason other than, well, you know... CRACKER!

I was so excited to finally get the video uploaded, I forgot to edit the sound.  Had no idea the TV picks up that well on the camera. LOL --HDM

Do you dig gigantic holes just for the fun of it?


Do you shred paper, boxes, or anything else that is handy (including, but not limited to tables, rug, toilet tissue, Sanita clogs, or furnitures)? 

Do you find it necessary to fling yourself at the door whilst yapping your head off whenever a guest comes a knocking? 

Are your legs spring loaded, thus allowing you to poke your snooter into human eye sockets even when the hapless human is standing upright? 

Do you spaz out at the mere mention of a tennis ball?




Well this is our official entry into the Mango Minster 2011.  We our human has entered us into the "Cracker" Dog(s) category, thinking this was the best to be able to include all three of us.  Plus how many people have really seen a "Cracker" basset hound.  We feel there were more suitable categories for each one of us, but what is a fur-kid to do when you have no thumbs.

We are hoping you will support us in this year's Mango Minster.  Since we are entered in the "Cracker" Dog category, we would also like to introduce you to the most greatest Teacup Chihuahua in blogville Twinkie.  Stop on over and give a shout out for the The HoundDogs AKA "Cracker" Dog(s).

The HoundDogs (Cleo, Winston and Amiee)


  1. Oh my god, Spike and Dru are Cracker Dogs! I love the rear end view digging the hole.

  2. Good luck guys! Great entry - Martha is now howling with you.......!!!!!
    Great work with the digging.........!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. Seeing your barrel bodies zooming around on those stumpy legs was a bit scary. Kind of like the first time I saw a turkey fly.


  4. Winston, Aimee and Cleo
    Gweat entwy!!!!!1
    I must admit , I had my doubts about you being as cwackew as a tewwiew, but dog, i was wong!!!
    You awe all fantastically cwackews and I admiwe all youw moves!!!
    I wish you the best of luck!!!!
    see you at the show
    smoochie kisses

  5. Best of luck to your crackers!

  6. Apart from the shameless pandering to Judge Twinkie, excellent entry. So many forget that bassets are the ultimate ground dogs, every bit [if not more] determined and stubborn than terriers. And the deep basset baying is much more cracker than yipping and yapping. Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  7. Thanks for the comment! I agree, us bassets are underrated crackers. It was great meeting you guys at the waddle too! We are planning on camping, mom and dad say we might have a pop-up camper, whatever that is. Hopefully we can get a good waddle with all the NASCAR people. Last year's Wag n' Brag was at a hotel, we'd like to be in charge of it again this year. I hear there's a cookout also. Should be fun!


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