Monday, October 11, 2010

On-Line Auction -- Buck$ for Ba$$et$

Buck$ for Ba$$et$ – Let the Bidding Begin
Note:  There are lots of other things beside Basset Stuff as well

I have a very good friend that began the ABC (All Bassets Cherieshed) Basset Rescue in New York.  Through her rescue Shelly also has an on-line store where you can buy lots and lots of Basset Stuff.  If you have bassets and if you are like me you have so much Basset stuff it is hard to find new Basset stuff.  Well let me tell you that I know Shelly at the Slobber Shoppe has got some of the best unique Basset stuff you can find.  And all the proceeds from the  Slobber Shoppe go directly to the ABC Basset Rescue to help more homeless bassets.

As one of the fund-raisers for them they have an online auction where anyone can bid on any of their items and possibly win it.  Once again all the proceeds go to ABC Basset Rescue.  The on-line auction runs from October 11 – October 24.   So why not follow the link below and see what type of Basset items are available that you just can’t live without.  I know there are several items that I am bidding on and hope I win.  Of course, I would like to bring your attention to the one item that is available for bidding.  It is the item that I hand cross-stitched and made especially for Shelly’s on-line auction.

I just wanted everyone to see it.  My Donation 

Link to On-Line Auction.    Buck$ for Ba$$et$ 

Hopefully you can find some good basset stuff and support Basset Rescue



  1. We will go have a look - we have to sniff out the credit card - the human had hid it this month........but basset stuff is sooooo hard to resist.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  2. I'm obviously not a basset, but I will take a look for sure. Never know what you might need and it's a good cause.

  3. Momma and I are so super excited about this! It is so tough to find basset-y stuffs that's actually cute! Thanks so much Hound Dogs for passing this along.

    Lots of slobber,

  4. We are so glad we can bring you a spot to shop for more basset stuff. Sounds like your Momma is a lot like ours way to much stuff already but always willing to add more. The Hounddogs


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