Friday, October 22, 2010

Friendly Friday - Meet Ms. M and Mr. B Stars of - Two Pitties In The City


Today we are participating in Friendly Friday hosted by Pet Blogs United

Friendly Friday is where you do a post about another pet blog that you love. It's a way for all of us to get to know each other and to be able to make even more great friends.

We would like to introduce you to Ms. M and Mr. B the stars of Two Pitties In The City

Ms. M and Mr. B
Who could not resist two faces like that.

We absolutely love to read the daily stories of Ms. M and Mr. B, two adopted Pit Bulls..  Their human secretary that assists in their blogging does a wonderful job of explaining and showing the world how great these Two Pitties are that live in the City (of Chicago).  Their humans take them to every place imaginable in the City of Chicago.  On occasion they will wear a camera and give us their daily walk in 10 snap shots.  Their humans are doing everything they can do to show the realities of pit bull ownership and how they really are an amazing breed.

So if you get a chance hop by and say "HI" to our blogging buddies Ms. M and Mr. B and check out the daily journeys of Two Pitties In The City.  Our human wishes that we would take some notes from Ms. M and Mr. B on how to act when out in public.  Our brother Winston still has some overzealous moment's when he is outside on a journey.  Of course I (Cleo) and Amiee are Velcro dogs and stay attached at the knee without a problem.

We hope they bring many smiles to your faces as they have to ours.

Cleo, Winston and Amiee
The HoundDogs


  1. We love reading about their adventures everyday, too! They really are a remarkable and entertaining pair of dogs!

  2. Thanks so much for highlighting us and all of the kind words. What a great compliment!

  3. The look like very nice pibbles. I'm heading over to say hi!

    Thanks for playing along with the blog hop!

    Nubbin wiggles,


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