Monday, July 12, 2010

The Hounddogs Go Camping - Day 1

Well we have been promised a camping trip, all 3 of us, and it finally happened.  We took a small little journey about 1-1/2 hours away from home this past weekend

We all loaded up in the truck and pulled the House on Wheels.

Please Winston let me up there I want to see.

I on the other hand prefer the side view with my own window and breeze.

I do believe HDD needs a co-pilot and that would be me (Winston).

This is so unfair that we are stuck in back to see Winston's butt and the back of human heads.

Finally I and Amiee settled down and took us a little nap for the road trip, Mom & Dad much appreciated that since Winston was making enough whining noises for 30 dogs.  He was  very impatient with the road trip to our camping spot.  Finally we made it to the new home for 3 days, which was very nice lots of grass to run (on leash) in.  Lots of new sniffs and plenty of sights to see.

When we first arrived we got a very quick trip to potty (not much sight seeing then) then we got in the House on Wheels in the AC while HDM and HDD setup camp.

Our house on wheels, not sure if you notice that contraption they have set-up at the back of the camper.

They called it our "hound" pen.  I guess we will learn to enjoy it and check out some sights.  We can't wait for all the walks they keep talking about.

Okay lets see, we got beds, toys and water.  Pretty nice digs if this gold plated fence wasn't in our face all the time.

This is the inside of our House on Wheels where we slept, ate and stayed if HDM and HDD needed some alone time.

As you can see I did a little more sleeping in here than I did eating.

Me too.....

Of course I the drama queen didn't quite understand when HDM asked me if I wanted to eat at the table.  I thought she said get on the table.

This is where I proceeded to keep an out for any intruders that may try to enter my House On Wheels.  Actually, patiently waiting for HDM and HDD to return.
Note from HDM: Cleo would sit on the table and look out the window for us and when she would see us, her little butt would start shaking, her tail waggin and she would be going around in circles.  Like she was table dancing, silly girl.

Also, we have no pictures from our first big walk through the campground.  Winston was so excited she was having trouble containing him and walk Amiee at the same time that the camera did not make the first walk.  I on the other hand got to walk with HDD and we just took our time and enjoyed the sights.

After our walk we came back cooled down and then made another attempt at eating.

Too tired to eat.

So we went back outside to look at more sights and this is a slide show of the 1st day of our camping trip.

The Hounddogs (Cleo, Winston, Amiee)

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