Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GABR Transport - (Shelby) 7-23-2010

Sorry we have been lacking in posts but HDM had this thing called a 30th Class Reunion.  Blogging took a backseat while she planned and then partied the weekend away.  Then she received a call about a basset girl that was found as a stray that needed picked up and brought to rescue.  So they took off Saturday morning to go pick her up and deliver her to GABR.

Well they got there early Saturday morning and found this poor girl tied on a chain in the hot sun with no water.  Blood all over the driveway, when she asked the vet (or a person who is suppose to have compassion for animals) he said Oh, I must have got one a little close.  She then proceeded to ask to see if he could stop it and when they turned around to get a leash.  They herd screaming and yelping and found him holding her up by one leg still chained up.  HDD had a few choice words to say to him and HDM said, let's just get her in the car and get the H*** out of here.

They said she was flea infested and had not had a bath in the seven days she had been there, skinned her nose really bad trying to escape.  Which after seeing how this person treated her in the 5 mins they were there, we can see why she tried to escape again. 

Once in the car HDM said her tail started waggin and she tried to get a little sleep but was pretty itchy.  Heck can you believe this little girl didn't even have a name.  So HDM and HDD decided they needed to name her and they came up with Shelby.  HDM said she licked her face and wagged her tail, so they think she liked it and we hope it sticks with her.

She will get all checked out by the clinic and then move to her foster home where she will be available for adoption hopefully in a few weeks.

A few pictures of Shelby on her transport to the clinic.

Shelby and her poor skinned nose.  Didn't seem to bother her, but looks terrible.
Is this not the sweetest face!

Shelby trying to rest between itches

Looking good here, but as you can see she is very dirty

Please don't take my picture, wait until I am more presentable
Don't worry Shelby, we love you no matter what

Absolutely love those ears, Shelby

HDM and Shelby at the Clinic

Shelby getting checked in at the Clinic

We want to wish Shelby all the best of luck in finding her fur-ever home.  She was a pretty special girl and I really learned the meaning of Basset Rescue when we picked her up (HDM).

You can watch for Shelby to appear on the available for adoption list for GABR.  They also have a lot of other great looking bassets available.  Can you open your home for a basset today?

Note from HDM:  We were contacted by a lady that has asked that we right a letter to the Animal Control where we picked her up from.  We hope to do something about this guy that obviously has lost all compassion for animals.  He does not deserve to be in the position he is in.

The Hounddogs and HDM


  1. She is so adorable, I can't believe that someone just left her. I'm sure she'll be snapped up quickly.

  2. What a total cutie! Those ears! Those eyes!



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