Monday, September 21, 2009

2009 Illinois Basset Bash/Waddle - Leaving Day

Cleo and Amiee here reporting on the 2009 Illinois Basset Bash/Waddle. Well as we promised last week, pictures of the GABR Basset Bash and Waddle in Dwight, IL. Our Secretary “HoundDogMom” will break this up into three separate days. We will begin with Friday, 9-18-09 “2009 Illinois Basset Bash/Waddle Leaving Day”. Our journey began on Friday, 9-18-09, HoundDogMom decided to take us all for a morning walk. This was an attempt to wear Winston down since he was not attending this year. At approximately 9:30am, HDM attempted to sneak us out of the house to the truck. This of course did not make Winston very happy, this is the first time he was left with Tabby and away from his Basset Girls. Well this did not stop us from leaving for a great weekend, with camper in tow (old camper – the short bus).
Winston the day we left. Does he look sad?
I “Cleo" was very excited and knew exactly what was going on, Amiee on the other hand was a little nervous. Here we go me in the front and Amiee next to me, my "Shadow"
I feel asleep once we hit the main highway, because you need your rest for this weekend. Amiee on the other hand stayed awake for most of the trip standing between HDM and HDD looking out the front window
All I know is that the new truck was wonderful, we had our own backseat this trip. But Amiee thought she needed to sleep on top of me.
We stopped after about 20 minutes so HDM / HDD could eat and let Amiee out to potty. Amiee was having a case of “stinky butt” and we thought she needed a potty break. After HDM / HDD got done with breakfast we began our journey again. We had about another 45 mins. to go before we arrived in Dwight, IL. More napping for me, I woke up just as we were taking the exit to Dwight, IL.
We got all settled with camp and our new pen was setup under the camper. This was to hold us when HDM / HDD went to work on Friday afternoon with setting everything up. Not a bad campsite for the weekend.
Amiee chilling at the campsite, and HDM playing with some new software for her camera. The second one is set to "oldstyle-black/white", not to bad but still have lots to learn.
Okay, enough of the boring details about set-up. We were finally allowed to come into the park and play off leash for the evening. Well HDM / HDD found out that I am still a Velcro dog and Amiee was also a Velcro dog wanting to walk between your legs. We watched as HDM took pictures of several of bassets running and playing, and several of us just sitting and watching.
A few of the bassets that were there for setup on Friday afternoon.
We turned around to see what Amiee thought and this was her look. Help!
Me, Cleo, just chilling watching the other dogs play.
More bassets running and playing Friday afternoon.
Cleo/Amiee chilling at the campsite after play time.
Please can we stop with the picures and get some sleep.
Friday was a great day with setup, but we must sleep to prepare for the big Bash on Saturday.
Good Night,
Cleo and Amiee

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