Saturday, September 26, 2009

2009 Illinois Bash/Waddle - "The Bash"

Cleo and Amiee reporting for the 2009 Basset Bash (Saturday, 9-20-09) The Basset Bash is the pre-party day before the Basset Waddle. On Saturday all bassets are allowed off leash, and there are no issues just lots of running. We are free to roam and visit with anyone we please. Most all bassets where their bandana with their name so everyone knows who they are visiting with. Basically Amiee and I just sat very close to HDM / HDD or stay very close to their side. Amiee was pretty much scared all day and I just like to hang out and enjoy everyone else and lots of tummy rubs. HDM (the secretary) is just going to pull a few pictures of us and a few unique bassets. We just made a group of pictures of the various bassets that were there. Amiee in her favorite spot for the day. Me lurking behind her, I told her I would have her back all weekend. This a long haired basset. The owner informed us that they are very rare and only about 1 in 2,500 are born this way. He was very handsome and definately a one of a kind. We are getting ready to watch the various basset hound games for the day. Sure am glad we get to watch instead of participate. HDD, Aunt Amy, Taylor, Amiee and Cleo There were games for all bassets, which we just watched. This gave HDM the opportunity to try out the new camera. I think she likes it because she took like a zillion pictures. We are just glad that more bassets showed up so she could take pictures of them instead of us all weekend. Mugsy - Before we new he the "King". This is Gunner and his Mommy. Gunner is a very handsome boy. Thanks for joining us Gunner! More bassets........They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
May we introduce to you the Queen and King of the 2009 Illinois Bash/Waddle. Amiee and I just chilling before the big the events finish up for the day. Goodnight from the 2009 Illinois Basset Bash.
Cleo and Amiee

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