Friday, October 31, 2014

Amiee - ATB (10/29/2014)

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I know we have not blogged much, we have had a lot going on in our lives (personnel family issues) and Mom taking on more things with the basset rescue.  Then that stupid Facebutt came along and we just slowly faded away.

We have checked in from time to time on our blog friends as we have lost so many fur-friends.  Unfortunately, I am here today to say that we lost Amiee Wednesday evening (10/29/2014).

Was not eating well and lost some weight but was very active.  Actually all weekend long she was outside enjoying the nice weather and yapping up a storm.  We took her in Monday after her blood results from Friday showed high Calcium (off the charts calcium).  She received fluids and all test were run x-rays, ultrasounds, etc.  No signs of cancer but she was not getting better.  They suspected ParaThyroid (very rare), which is a nodal that sits on the parthyroid (near the thyroid). The ultra sound my vet took showed nothing so we transferred her to the U of I Animal Hospital in Champaign, IL on Wednesday morning.  She was a very sick little girl at this point.  Unfortunately, the blood test to confirm this was taking forever and her little body was exhausted at this point.

They called us around 8:00pm and said she was having trouble breathing and would call us back.  They called us back around 8:30 and said she was getting no better, so we headed that way.  We had an hour drive and unfortunately she passed away 10 minutes before we got back to her.  We were allowed to see her and say our good byes, but damn this was just sucked the wind right out from us.

Run Free my Sweet Baby Girl, you were the most sweetest, loving, girl we could have ever asked for.  Winston, Bella, Rosie are missing you and Daddy is really having a heard time.  Somebody else needed you more then us, the thing is they failed to ask us because it just wasn't true.....We needed you pretty DAMN bad and you were just two young and had so much more love to give.

Amiee Jeakins - 9/26/2008 - 10/29/2014

HoundDogMom, Winston, Bella and Rosie


  1. We read about her passing on FB - I'm so sorry.

    Monty and Harlow

  2. I'm so very sorry to hear about Amiee. She was so young but I know she left a lot of good memories behind for you to keep safely in your heart. Run free, Amiee.

  3. We are so very sad and sorry for your loss. Hopefully, she's found Fred and Mugsy and they're having a big time running and playing!

  4. We're sorry to learn of your loss. It's never easy. Never will be.

  5. So sorry -

    We know she'll live on with each transport and/or foster that crosses your path!

    Khyra's Mom

  6. We are very sorry to hear about Aimee going to the bridge. My heart goes out to you. xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug


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