Monday, January 28, 2013

GABR Transport - Bruce (1/26/2013)

Well this past Saturday (1/26) brought us to doing another transport for GABR.  We had a 1-1/2 year old male basset, Bruce, coming into rescue as an owner surrender.

Actually, lets back up a few weeks ago when I seen an ad in our work paper for a someone that was trying to place a basset hound that she could no longer keep.  I contacted her and let her know that if she could not find him a home to please contact our rescue GABR.  As I am sure they could bring him into rescue and find a wonderful home for him.  Well she had no luck placing him herself so a week ago she contacted GABR and I had the honor of meeting them and bringing him into the rescue.  So this one was pretty special to us, not that they are not special to us.

The owner had just moved up here from Florida and has been living with her sister.  Her sister would not allow Bruce in the house very much and this was very upsetting to the owner, but she was not financially prepared to be on her own in a own place right know.  She did not feel it was fair to Bruce to have to live in this situation, so she surrendered him to find him a new loving forever family.

We picked Bruce up in Bloomington and drove him to Joliet, IL to meet his next leg of his trip as he was making his way to his new foster family.  He will be evaluated by his foster family, get his tutoring done and then be ready to find his forever home.

 I was a little sad at first, but everything got better

 I got some sleeping in on my ride

I also got lots of kisses and snuggles on my ride

Basset Frog legs

Bruce, we wish you nothing but the best and you will soon have a family that will love you, kiss you and snuggle you.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs and Mom

P.S.....This is our 400th post


  1. Bruce looks so SWEET! So good of his owner to realize that she couldn't take care of him and get him proper care. So good of you all to be there for her. Congratulations on your 400th post!

  2. Dude we totally have matching jackets!!


  3. Congrats on your 400th post!!
    Wesa so happy you were able to pawsonally help Bruce!!
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums

  4. This just breaks my heart. Thank goodness for GABR. We wish Bruce lots of love and luck.

  5. Oh're so cute. And I really love your frog legs!

  6. Khongrats on the post AND fur helping Bruce and his froggeh legs getting khloser to HOME!!!


  7. Congratulations on post 400. All our feets are crossed for you Bruce
    Benny & Lily

  8. Oh, what a sweet little face! We wish you the best of luck, Bruce!

    Congrats on 400 posts!


  9. Congrats on 400 posts! Good luck, Bruce. You look very sweet and we wish you a wonderful forever home.


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