Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Pressies - Gift Exchange

This is our second year of pawticipating in the Blogville Christmas Gift Exchange.  This time we got to meet some new friends and get some great gifts.

Our new blog friends Malcome, Izzie, Venus and Sugar over at sent us some awesome gifts this year.  Stop by and say HI to them if you are in the neighborhood.

We got our present in plenty of time for Christmas but our mean ol assistant made us wait for Christmas.  We didn't agree with this because as you can see the package was smelling pretty good when it was sitting on the front porch.

Smells good

Yep that label says our name.  Bring it lady and stop snapping pictures

This was one tough package to open so the our assistant assisted us with opening and then taking lots of pictures of everything before the pressies were handed out to each one of us.  Look at all this loot we got from them and they were even nice and included our mean ol assistant.  BOL

Look at all these goodies

We each received two gifts for ourselves and they were all addressed to each one of us.




For All of Us to share


Of course our mean ol assistant cheated and while she was in the backroom taking pictures of everything she opened her pressies first.  Oh my I didn't think we were every going to get to ours since she was so in love with what she got.

A new basset hound calendar and it is different then the one we got her so she now has one for home and one for work.  She also got a wonderful book that is from the time frame she was a child (she said she wouldn't give that date away)  BOL....It was a story about a Christmas Kitten and 3 basset hounds all living together.  So very cute and she just loves it and will make a nice addition to her collection of older books with basset hounds in them. 

The story and illustrations were just precious

Okay mean ol assistant get to the good stuffs so we can see what we got.

Winston got to open is first

Off to the bedroom he goes

What did you get Winston?

Oh you gots a new toy...Do you think he will notice if I snatch it

Amiee was next in line to get her gifts

What ya got there Amiee?

Another new toy...Isn't he so cute 

Bella was next to get her gifts.  All this Christmas stuff is very new to Bella and she doesn't understand the concept of opening gifts yet.  So she needed a little help but once she got her toy off to the bedroom she went with it.

These are all our toys we got.  We had no idea that you could by Doggie Toys at Toys R Us.  Mom thought when she first seen them we had gotten baby toys. BOL  Then she read the tag and it says dog toy on it.  So know if you are at Toys R Us shopping for the 2-legger kids you can pick up a new toy for the 4-legger kids.  How cool is that.

Oh, wait we are not done yet we got Christmas cookies as well.  Good thing Mom realized what these were before she gave them to us to open.  She took care of that for us and then gave each one of us a yummy Christmas cookie treat.

Num Num Num

Thanks again for all the great presents and we be by to check up on you.  Mom is just thrilled with her pressies and Thanks her from the bottom of her heart for the extra mile their Mommie (Susie) went to purchase her gifts.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs

P.S...Our other new friends that we sent gifts to are from Canada and they are Sam, Owen, Jetta and Tuvia over at  Check them out some time.


  1. Wow! Look at all those wonderful gifts and treats! You were some lucky doggies, for sure!

    I'm glad you had a great holiday!

  2. Holy Cow you hit the jackpot! Have fun playing
    Benny & Lily

  3. What a great haul! We'll have to send Mama to Toy R Us and she says she wants that kitten book too...

    1. The book is awesome for one that has basset hounds. She said she purchased it on Amazon used but I think it is in great shape for being printed in the 70's.

  4. You guys really hit the jackpot! Don't ya just luv Christmas? I bet Cleo was watching from the Bridge and joining in on all the fun too!

    1. Yes, we believe Cleo was joining us in spirit. We believe she came and visited Amiee this year as that girl was in to everything just like Cleo. Amiee never really got the idea of opening gifts until this year. Was even opening them early just like Cleo did. So funny.

  5. You guys got some really cute presents! You can get the Toys R Us toys at Petsmart, too. I'm glad you had so much fun, finally!


  6. James Herriot is always good. Total score on the loot. What a fun day.


  7. What great pressies

    Stop on by for a visit


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