Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We Can Official Post the Blogville Olympic Badge

Well we finally got the 2-legger Mom to do something for us.  We are able to finally display the Blogville Olympic Competitor badge on our sidebar.  We have entered several different events, but our favorite was the sleeping events, because every knows we have a ton of sleeping pictures.  We hounds definitely know how to do some of that.  Our hardest entry was the Window Art, doing the Art was not hard at all.  The hard part came when the 2-legger Mom tried to get a fancy picture of our window art.  That is a hard task she said but we finally got one submitted late yesterday.  She hasn't told us all the other ones she entered us in but I am sure she did her best not to embarrass us at all.

The Blogville Olympics 2012 is just around the corner so make sure you check out all the competitions on the Blogville Olympic 2012 blog.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs


  1. We cannot wait! I understand, the sleeping events are my best too! Have a good one!

  2. Good luck in the competition!


  3. Bark! Found you through blog hop! Have a great doggy day!

    ~Stinky Kisses, Mason

  4. We liked your synchronized snoozing entry and think it is one of the BEST! ZZZZZ. We're going to nap now.


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