Monday, April 9, 2012

Bella - Future Model

Bella has some upcoming functions to attend and I got to thinking that she really needed a wardrobe (despite my husbands crumbling).  I haven't had many hounds that liked to wear clothes so Bella is my first.

Winston would not allow anything on his back or head for the most part.

Amiee freezes like a statue when you place a coat or neck thing around her.

Cleo would allow you to dress her up for several events we went to.

But, Bella this girl loves to be pretty (when she is not out rolling in the dirt to find her most comfortable spot).  BOL

I know we have tons of blogging friends, and their fur-babies have like a whole closet full of clothes to wear.  Bella had two coats and she just loved them so I thought she needed some pretty dresses to wear to her upcoming nursing home visits and her special guest appearance she will be making later this month at the Basset Ball (shhhhh), it is a surprise to everyone.  I began the research of finding some place to purchase some dresses for her.  We do not have any local that had anything that was what I was looking for.  So I got to thinking, WTH am I going to do, dates are approaching fast.  So I reached out to one of my blogging friends Snazzi Jazzi and we asked her Peep if she would be willing to make Miss Bella a few dresses.  Because she makes some very awesome dresses for Jazzi and she is always Snazzi.  She is just the sweetest person and agreed to the task at hand.  I immediately went out and purchased some material and sent to her, but I can tell you I am not a sewer and have no ideas about colors and stuff. I just knew I wanted something with the spring colors in it.  Oh, my gosh you are not going to be believe what Bella got in the mail last week.  She got a box (of course I didn't take a picture) because I just ripped open the box when I seen it was from Jazzi's Mom.  Jazzi's Mom has definitely out done herself and Bella will be one Girly Hound when she begins her nursing home visits.

Without further ado.............

Our Future Model...........


 Dress #1 is made out of a purple material that I picked out
 Thank You, Jazzi's Mom
 Dress #2 material picked and designed by Jazzi's Mom
  Amiee I told you this is my fashion show
 A girl can't even model
 This dress was made for me not you.
 One of my favorite on her
 Dress #3 material I picked out

 Dress #4 - Material and designed by Jazzi's Mom
 Notice my fancy flower
 I know Winston I am irresistable
 Dress #5 - A little my material, a little of Jazzi's Mom material and design
 Look at all her bows
 Thank You Thank You for my pretty dresses

 I nosed I would LOVE them.

Some close up shots of the dresses

Dress #1
 Dress #2
Dress #3
 Dress #4
 Dress #5
 The whole collection

Thanks again to  Jazzi's Mom for designing and making Bella's new dresses.  We LOVE them.

Sniffs, Bella and Mom

(Note:  Bella gets so excited when you put clothes on her she will not hold still, then the other hounds think they need to help her undress, BOL)


  1. Dress 4 is my fave. What a great model :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Oh my, HOW CUTE!!! I think she looks good in ALL of them. The last dress had that extra touch though, and I liked it best. The bow at the tail!! :)

  3. Oh wow! How cool is that?! Very nice dresses, I love the fabrics you picked out!

  4. OH how cute you are Bella. We had fun making them and we are so glad that they fit. We were surprised at how BIG Basset hounds are, BOL She is used to little ole me!! We think our favorite is the zebra stripe with the red flower!! Have fun going to your outtings and getting 87 TONS of attention!!


  5. Oh Bella! Your the bell of the ball!!

  6. Bella....I am in awe of all those purrty dwesses! You is one lucky pup! Jazzi's Momma does beautiful work!

  7. WOW!

    Those are furry inkhredible and some Bella-beaWOOtiful!

    Jazzi's Momma has some furry talented human paws!


  8. Bella!
    You look gorgeous!
    All the dresses are beautiful!
    Jazzi's mom is super!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Oh my, Bella looks just lovely! Miss Jazzi's mom is most talented! I love them all! They fit Bella perfectly!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. The Diva Shasta here - O-M-D! Girl u r STYLING! Bella I du love all thoze purty dresses an'the spring colorz. Girl - your mom an'Snazzi Jazzi's mom make a dynomite team. I wish my mom wood git me sum purty dresses like that.

  11. In the words of our grandma.....QUE LINDA!!! You are too cute for words. We love all of your dresses. We might have to make mamas get us some for the summer. Happy Monday. ~Weinerful Life~

  12. Oh Bella you look so cute in all of your outfits. Have you considered being a dog-walk model with all those pawesome dresses I think you should try sniffing out a competition. Once again you look so CUTE BELLA from Milo

  13. Holy Cow she looks adorable Sherri, what a great idea to have Jazzi's mom make you some. Oh I just love them and I love the fact she likes to wear them. She is going to be such a big hit at the nursing home. Bella was just perfect for yall.

  14. Nice blog, the pictures are so cute and beautiful
    Thanks for sharing...

  15. Love it!! I wish Sissy liked proper clothes, but all that girl wants to wear is her tutu and stuff on her head!!

  16. Oh Bella! As I was reading, I'd get to one picture and say "Oh, that dress is my favorite" and then I'd see the next one! You have a wardrobe worthy of a princess! The other Bassets will all stop and take notice when you come into the room. I love seeing other fashion conscious hounds!


  17. Wow! Bella you are stylin now! :D A wardrobe fit for a movie star :) Pawfect!

    Waggin at ya,

  18. Those dresses sure look good on you! I'm just not a clothes type of girl. Teehee! ;)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  19. Kelsey thinks the lavender one is beautiful. She gets excited to get dressed up too.


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