Thursday, January 12, 2012

Introducing Bella "Newest HoundDog"

Wordless "?" Wednesday answers below.  And this post is not so wordless.

A day before Christmas we were contacted by GABR that they had a 2 year old basset girl that was looking for her forever home.  They were wondering if we would be interested in her and if we were ready to open our hearts back up.  Well we knew we just needed to get through Christmas after loosing Cleo, because that was her very special Holiday.  Well we made it through that day and this sweet little girl was still in the back of our heads so we decided that with the New Year it was time to see if we were ready.

So on Friday, January 6, 2012 we loaded up the BUV with Winston and Amiee and we headed out to Marion, Indiana to meet Bella in her foster home.  We left the house at 7:30am and knew we had about a 4-1/2 hour road trip to meet her.  Winston and Amiee did wonderful in the BUV and settled down about Farmer City and slept till we made a pit stop and then it was back to sleeping again.  It took a little longer to get there since Mr. Garmin decided to take us on very scenic tour of the Indiana countryside.  I can see how people complain that these things can get you seriously lost.  It was a beautiful day to travel with the temps in the 50's so unusual for this time of the year for us.  Usually it is 20 degrees and blowing snow, so we were thankful for a great day to travel so we could meet Bella.

Where did you say we were going Mom?

The HoundDogs (Winston and Amiee) would like to introduce their new fur-sister Bella to all their friends in Blogville.

Bella, comes from Louisville Kentucky and has a story to tell.  Bella is 2 years old and has lived outside all her life.  Well in September her family decided to move and I guess since she had been outside all her life, the just up and forgot her.  They left her in the back yard for her to fend for herself.  It was approximately 2 weeks before her first angel seen her (the neighbor lady).  She began to take her food and water and see if she could get her to warm up and come to her.  It took her nearly 2 weeks to work with her and get her to become her friend.  She was able to finally catch her on 9/30/2011 and take her to the emergency vet.  She then contacted Guardian Angel Basset Rescue about picking her up.  GABR sent her second angel to pick her up and bring her to her new life.  She came into GABR on 10/5/2011 skin and bones (just a little over 20 pounds), flea invested, tick invested and severe mange.  We are so thankful that she had a few angels watching over her and GABR brought her back to life and encouraged us to open our hearts again.

Here is what Bella looked like when she arrived into Rescue

And here is our Bella today

After meeting Bella and spending lots of time with her at the local park, we decided that Bella would be a perfect for the Hound House.  Winston and Amiee seemed to fall in love with her and were perfect siblings on their meeting.  So after meeting her vet and signing some adoptions papers, we brought Bella home with us.

Our day at the Park

We were told that we should probably crate her in the BUV until they got to know each other, but she had other plans for that.  Before we got out of the park she had busted out of the crate and found her space on the dog bed in the back of the BUV.

This is what we seen for the whole road trip home

This is when we arrived home at 7:30 Friday night.  We had 3 very excited hounds that had been sleeping for like 8 hours.

What is that blur in the back ground.  That is Bella's fast moving body, oh keep in mind she really didn't have any idea how to play with other doggies when she was first brought into rescue.  This would not be the case today.  This girl knows how to play with the best of them. 

This is me (HDM) trying to tell her that it is okay to get on the furniture


Here are a few pictures of how things have been going since Friday.  A few little bumps, but all is well and everyone is enjoying their new sibling.

Outside relaxing, unseasonable warm temps but that should change probably today.
When not relaxing, always looking for a friendly Basset Hound Romp
 This is how I relax inside the house

Watch for more updates as we get to know Bella and how she is fitting into the Hound House.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs
Winston, Amiee and Bella


  1. Congratulations, she is looking good!

  2. Mom is all leaky here fur sooooooo many reasons!


    I'm sure Angel Cleo is doing the happy Basset dance on The RB -

    PeeEssWoo: Mom says one day those unhumans should be left outside when their 'owners' move -

  3. This makes me really happy. Congrats on your new adoption, welcome home Bella!

  4. Fangtastic! We are all just so hap-pee that Bella is now pawt of your Hound family. Looks like she fits right in purrfectly!

    PeeS....Are you really really sure the blur in the one photo isn't really the ghost of Cleo somewhere inside of Bella? It was probably Cleo who sent Bella to you! Just sayin'


  5. Oh Lord I am so in LOVE with BELLA. I know that her story is sad but THANK YOU for sharing it because I always hear so many sad stories that I love any animal sad story with a happy ending.

    I am so happy for yall and so happy for Bella, she doesnt know that she has landed in doggie heaven!!

    Miss Cleo is watching over all of them and would be proud to have Bella around to warm yalls hearts.

  6. Welcome, Bella! It is good to meet you, and I'll look forward to hearing about your adventures as a HoundDog. The power of love.

  7. She's beautiful! Bless you for opening your heart and giving her a new, forever home. She is lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her! Congratulations to all of you!

  8. Aww this is wonderful! Bella is one lucky girl! So happy for her and yall!

  9. How great of yu to adopt Bella! She looks like a real sweetheart and I'm sure will be a perfect fit for Winston and Amiee. She's had a rough start but that lead her to you and your wonderful heart! Congratulations HDM!!

  10. WELCOME Bella!! You will have a great home there and it is so much fun to have other dogs to play with. It is very nice to meet you and you are very pretty. I am sorry that you had such a ruff start in life!!

    jazzi and addy

  11. Welcome Bella....nice to meet you! Bless your new mommy and daddy for taking you as part of their family. I look forward to hear about your new adventures!

  12. What a wonderful story, it made my morning to read it. Bella is so lucky to have found your hound dog family.

    Reggie and Lola send all three big arooooos.

  13. Awe, you guys are awesome for giving Bella a forever home! Actually everyone is awesome right from the first person who feed her and looked after her. How could you ever move and forget one of your family members, its kinda like forgetting one of your children! Bless you guys. We have six dogs now that the kids are gone and would like to get a house in the country with lots of land to fence in so we can foster. Thats my new venture in life:) also me and my fur babies are a new subscriber

  14. YIPPEEEEEE!!!! Oh, that is very much Most Wonderful! Congratulations, Bella, on picking yourself out a super amazing family. I'm sorry things started out so rough for you but you're gonna have the Best Life That Ever Was from here on out. Have fun laying on the furniture. It's the BEST!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  15. Welcome home sweet heart!

    Stop by for a visit

  16. Congratulations! we recently adopted, a pup to, its so nice when you can help a dog in need!!

  17. Oh, how wonderful!!! Bella is the perfect name for that sweet girl. How could anyone just abandon her like that and in such horrible condition. Thank dogness for those who helped her get better and find her way to all of you. Welcome home, sweet Bella.

  18. Congrats to all of you on your new addition! "Bella" suits her perfectly - she is just beautiful. We are going to try to refrain from saying bad things about her former, um, 'people' and just focus on how lucky she is to be in your family! Looking forward to more Bella antics!
    Yeah, GPS took us down a dead-end road one time! Not fun! Especially 'cause Dad was pulling the travel trailer! LOTS of HBO words! BOL!
    And,hey, that's so cool that you already use Mr. Chewy! They are super nice!

    The Road Dogs

  19. I've been waiting for you to make the official post! Bella is beautiful! I'm so happy for her and for you. Maybe she'll turn out to be a good nursing home visitor! I do know that she landed in Basset Heaven and she'll be one royally spoiled girl who is very happy!

  20. Welcome Bella!
    Not nice what they did to her but thankfully an angel came to her rescue!
    Glad everything goes well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Congratulations to another hound dog family!! Bella looks extremely happy in her new home. We are excited to follow her journey!


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