Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Memory of Our Lost Fur-Kids

Last week was a very rough week for my animal loving friends. This post is dedicated to the Memory of two very special dogs. My BFF, Amy's, dog Uncle Schroeder went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, June 15, 2009. Uncle Schroeder was the best little Terrier anyone could ask for. My BFF and her husband adopted Schroeder from a bad situation. Since they had him he had battled several different health issues, but never appeared to be "sad or unhappy". He was the "Happiest" Little White Dog since he went to live with Amy, Jeff, Wally and Minnie. They gave him a great life while they had him and their house will not be the same with him gone. We will always hold Uncle Schroeder aka "Little White Dog" in a special place in our hearts. Run free at the Bridge and give Precious, Elliott and Reba some big slobber kisses for us. R.I.P - Uncle Schroeder aka "Little White Dog" - June, 2009

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another friend of mine had to help her Rescue Sheltie "Missy" to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, June 22. My friend, Patty, adopted Missy from the local Sheltie Rescue. She was in very bad shape when she joined their family. They brought her back to health and she thrived in their home. They added several other rescue shelties to their home, but there is always something about that first "Rescue" that stays with your heart for a long time. R.I.P. and Running Free at the Bridge Missy - June 2009 (picture to be added soon) Uncle Schroeder and Missy I am sure you were greeted with "OPEN PAWS" when you crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. We will see you all again someday. In Memory of the Fur-kids at the Bridge: Precious "Pokey" - my first ever basset hound. 6/14/93 - 6/18/05 Elliott - my big lover boy basset hound. 7/24/95 - 1/22/07 Miss Reba - my BFF's fur-kid. 6/17/05 Uncle Schroeder - my BFF's fur-kid. 6/15/09 Missy - my other BFF's fur-kid. 6/22/09

So I have decided that June has not become the best month for me. If it wasn't for my Wedding Anniversary in June, I think I would just skip it. HoundDogMom, Tabby, Cleo, Winston and Amiee

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  1. Dear BFF,
    What a sweet wonderful memorial to our beloved fur children who have crossed over. You are indeed an angel. I think that when you are gone, The Big Man may station you up there at the entrance to welcome all the animals in. Thank you for loving Uncle Schroeder so much and for remembering Miss Reba. May we all be blessed to have such good loving friends and doggie mom's like you!! I just know that Pokey, Elliott, Miss Reba, Uncle Schroeder and Missy are up there frolicking and waiting for the big day when we will all be reunited!
    I love you sis.
    Amy (Jeff, Wally and Minnie-Moo)


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