Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Shelby Learns Agility

Shelby The Basset Learns Agility

Our youngest Shelby who turned one on Febuary 16, 2016 completed a round of obedience class and then she decided she was smart enough to move to Beginner Puppy Agility class.  She attended her first class last week and this is the face she had after she got home.

Shelby can hardly hold her eyes open

This would be her first agility course she ran for class.

Agility Course

This would be Shelby after her second week of class that she just completed tonight.  She did much better and seems to remember the equipment.  I just don't understand why she completely forgets her "SIT" when she has to go on the table (green).  She is to sit and then stay for 5 seconds.  She will not for the life of it do a "SIT" on that thing.  I think the rough texture tickles her duck butt.

Check back next week for more action from Shelby.

Love, Shelby

P.S.  My siblings are great they are just not as Agile as me. :)


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