Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas Card Exchange 2012 - Deadline November 7th

The Christmas Card Exchange 2012

Do you like getting more mail then your Peeps?

Do you like meeting new blogging friends?

Then the Christmas Card Exchange is for you.

Here's the information in case you have missed it.  Our deadline is approaching fast and we don't want anyone left out that wants to pawticipate.

You can send Christmas, Holiday and Hanukkah cards. For those of you that want to go Green, you may send E-cards also. It is just as much fun getting them online as in the mailbox. The deadline to get your name on the mailing list is Nov 7th. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Again, I can not emphasize this enough. Once the list is sent out, it is a pain to keep adding to it so hence the deadline. The list will be E-mailed to you on Nov. 9th. If you are sending to any overseas, then you will want to get those out right away so that they will have time to get there. To get your name and addy on the list, you will need to sign up.

If your state begins with the letters A-L you will E-mail The HoundDogs Mom at hounddogmom(DOT)jeakins(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

If your state begins with the letters M-Z you will E-mail Finn's mom marianne(DOT) d (DOT)howard(AT)gmail(DOT)com.

If you live outside of the US you will Email me (Jazzi)

When you E-mail them this is the information that they will need:
1.Your blog name
2.Your blogspot addy
3.All the dogs/cats name that you want the cards addressed to.
4.Your e-mail addy for those people going green and sending e-cards.
5.Your snail mail addy for mailing

We promise that you will get way more than your Peeps.  They may even try to take a picture of your cards and say they all belong to them.  BOL

Here are the names that we have received so far that were sent to us for States beginning with A-L.  If you don't see your name and you sent us an email drop us a comment or another note.  We have been trying to make sure things are going to our SPAM and we don't want to miss anyone.

Cowspotdog & The Dweebs
Ruby the Airedale
Dachshund Nola
Pugs & Purrs
A Day in the Life of Pugs In Central Illinois
A Tale of a Tail
Daily Dose of Jack
A Day In The Life of a Goose
Two French Bulldogs
Spotty Spotty Polkadotty
The OP Pack: Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning
How Sam Sees It
Sugar the Golden Retriever
The RottRovers
Stella Rose Long

Also, don't forget about the Christmas Exchange also if you want to pawticiapte in that you will need to click the picture link below for all the deails.

Sniffs, The HoundDogs


  1. This is gonna be so much fun this year!!! Can't wait!

  2. We Beaglebratz want in - we did it a couple yearz ago an'it wuz sooooooo furry much fun. We gotta git our mom tue help us email u our info. Try tue due that tonite.
    Shiloh'n The DIVA Shasta from Kansas

  3. I'm so excited! I did this last year and didn't exactly know what to expect! I'm ready this year!!

  4. Oh! We want in! Do you still have our info from last year, or do you want us to send it again! We're taking our Christmas card pictures on Saturday.


  5. I'm so excited for this. I just sent you our information. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this. It is one of my favorite things of the whole year!

  6. Oh my gosh is it this time already??? Time flies!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. Woo! We are in it and so excited to participate again this year! Had such a blast last year! Thank you to all who work so hard at organizing this fun holiday event!

  8. Sorry to have missed out!!! You are too cool to be organizing this - next year! Happy Holidays xxx


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